Project Description


Você [Vo-chay] is an exceptional residential neighborhood that retains and embraces the natural beauty of the land while promoting a meaningful connectivity to the outdoors and to one another.

From the building materials utilized, to the innovative and elemental designs, to the ideally situated-and-preserved pastoral setting, Você is inspired by nature to foster creativity, sustainability and a shared sense of community.

Incomparable and distinctive, Você leaves a permanent and fitting legacy to country music icon Eddy Arnold, the last steward of this special place.


The Você Team, which is comprised of Amistead, Arnold and Pollard Real Estate Services headed by Você developer, Shannon Pollard and business partner Steve Armistead, and Land Innovations, acting as development manager, brings a high level of passion, commitment, and wide-ranging experience to the task of creating an incomparable neighborhood – the first of its kind in Nashville – that retains and embraces the natural beauty of the land. In keeping with the wishes of country music icon Eddy Arnold, the last steward of this land, the majority of the existing trees in Você will be saved by employing light impact practices that promote an environmentally sensitive development approach.

The team is dedicated to preserving and complementing Você’s unspoiled setting, implementing practical sustainable solutions and encouraging a broader architectural palette than what is typically permitted. Fittingly, music, art and the area’s rich history is integral to Você’s site design and marketing.

Eschewing the traditional residential development model of houses placed on clearly defined expanses of lawn, Você features naturally wooded home sites set within a pedestrian-friendly, walkable community of sidewalks, paths and trails. “Dark sky” practices will be maintained across all home and community lighting, to reduce scattered light and to be sensitive to Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory, located nearby.

Creativity is in the air at Você. From mailboxes to elevated walkways to signage, features are designed to convey and inspire the creative spirit. Indoors and out, from the Sales Center to Você’s common spaces, art and music will be celebrated and showcased.



The Você story begins with Country Music Hall of Fame member Eddy Arnold, and is rooted in love and commitment to family, to the land, and to the community. With his legendary career in full swing, Arnold purchased the original tract on Granny White Pike back in 1950 and settled with his young family on what was then known as “Windy Ridge.” For the singer, the property provided a sentimental return to his rural beginnings and a refuge from the road. Of course, he also knew a solid investment when he saw one.

n the late 1950s, while hiking on the ridge and contemplating the shifting tides of his career, Arnold had an epiphany. As he walked through the trees singing a ballad in the traditional country style, he began to soften his voice and phrase the lyrics in the crooning style of one of his favorite pop music heroes, Bing Crosby. He had found his new Voice.

In his autobiography, Arnold recounted “singing at the top of his lungs and filling the valley.” With a new but familiar style of singing, the singer rediscovered himself, redefined his music, and helped create what is now known as the “Nashville Sound.”

Shannon Pollard, the grandson of Eddy Arnold and trustee of the late singer’s real estate holdings and formidable musical legacy, has countless childhood stories of days spent with his grandparents on the property. These days, as he lovingly oversees the development of the place his grandfather held so dear, one of those stories stands out.

“Two years before my grandfather died, he and I walked around this property, and we had a kind of a somber moment together where he talked to about me saving the trees,” Pollard recalls. “We were walking in front of the cabin, and he looked up into the trees and said, ‘Save as many of these as you can.’ This place was the homestead for him. It’s where he set down his roots. It was a retreat and a place of sanctuary where he could come off the road and find some peace.”

Eddy Arnold’s voice was silenced in 2008, but his legacy lives on as the defining spirit that is the design inspiration for Você


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