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“With Land Innovations there is intrinsic value in maximizing the potential of a property that cannot be measured solely in dollars. Creating community that inspires people is the greatest legacy the company hopes to leave behind.”

– Dudley Smith | Chief Manager


The team at Land Innovations believes that the creation of exceptional communities results from experience, an uncompromised work ethic and a rigorous creative process. Land Innovations sees each new development as a blank canvas, drawing inspiration from the land and positioning its communities within the natural beauty and habitat to meet the demands of the ever changing marketplace. Each project is approached differently because each piece of land, project owner and community vision is unique and deserves its own goals and personality. With Land Innovations there is intrinsic value in maximizing the potential of a property that cannot be measured solely in dollars. Creating community that inspires people is the greatest legacy the company hopes to leave behind.

Land Innovations’ clients typically consist of high net-worth property owners or families that own legacy properties but don’t have a vision on how to protect and achieve the highest value for their land assets who allow the LI team the freedom to depart from traditional development rules and banking limitations to cultivate something beyond the status quo.

“Most builders as well as development projects by the nature of the typical business plan have to report to shareholders and a bank loan committee who require traditional and methodical approaches to minimize risk. To break away from the mold, we need a creative land contract or a patient land owner whose values are not only measured by the annual internal rate of return. They are willing to invest in the long game and believe with time and a lot of hard work something of more value can actually be created,” says chief manager Dudley Smith.

“We see each opportunity land/investment/community more like an assignment to go create something special,” Smith says. “We are very sensitive to the environment and work diligently to craft a community that is not only unique, but that inspires creativity from the architecture of the homes and amenities to the preservation of the trees and natural topography. Our goal is for our communities to have a soul with the purpose of connecting people and our hope is that you see and feel t the moment you enter the property.”

The Land Innovations team has built a reputation of creating communities that don’t fit the status quo. “In most cases it seems that the land selects us,” Smith says. “When someone wants something extra special, that’s when we get the call. The landowners that we work with always have a special connection to their land. It’s an emotional investment as much as a financial investment.”

“Você, one of LI’s current projects under construction, is one of the most innovative single-family home communities in Middle Tennessee and exemplifies our philosophy of working with the existing natural beauty of a property,” says LI partner Rob Pease.

Você means, “voice” in Italian, and “voice” has a strong connection to this one-of-a-kind community. Você sits on 61 acres that was the home place of country music icon Eddy Arnold until 2008. It was the place where he retreated to his family and found inspiration after being on the road. While hiking on the ridge at the property in the late1950’s, Eddy discovered a new singing style that would help create what became known as the “Nashville Sound.”
“In keeping with Arnold’s wishes, his grandson, Shannon Pollard, and the Land Innovations team partnered together to preserve the natural beauty and historic character of the property,” says LI partner, Frank Horton. Land Innovations created a plan to preserve in excess of 60% of the trees at Você.

Much like Eddy Arnold found his voice on the land that he called home, we also find our voice when we connect to that special place we call home.
The Land Innovations goal is to create a place where people are enlivened by their surroundings and become an integral part of shaping their community.

In addition to Você, Land Innovations is currently developing with The Rochford Company Stephens Valley, a 930-acre community surrounded by the Natchez Trace Parkway. The master-planned Stephens Valley community will include approximately 1,100 homes, resort-style amenities, and its own small town village featuring a boutique hotel, retail shops, offices and restaurants.

Approximately 550 acres of the property will be protected open space for the use and enjoyment of the community,” Pease says. “It’s adjacent to a national park, so we will have connections from the park to the community. Stephens Valley will be another one-of-a-kind legacy project.”

Stephens Valley is located about 25 minutes from downtown Nashville and surrounded by 19 hills as well as the Natchez Trace Parkway. “If you can, imagine the charm of a small-town community basically surrounded by a Federal Park that has that casual comfortable friendly hometown feel. Our vision consists of Classic architecture, front porches, multiple internal parks, walkability, and a small town village at the core of the community,” says Pease.

As with all of their projects, the Land Innovations goal at Stephens Valley is to honor the land and create a lasting legacy for all who choose to call it “home.”


The team at Land Innovations believes that the creation of exceptional communities results from experience, an uncompromised work ethic and a rigorous creative process. Land Innovations sees each new development as a blank canvas, drawing inspiration from the land and positioning its communities within the natural beauty and habitat to meet the demands of the ever changing marketplace. Each project is approached differently because each piece of land, project owner and community vision is unique and deserves its own goals and personality. With Land Innovations there is intrinsic value in maximizing the potential of a property that cannot be measured solely in dollars. Creating community that inspires people is the greatest legacy the company hopes to leave behind.

Dudley Smith


Nashville native, R. Dudley Smith, Jr. has been involved in site planning, engineering, home building and the design and development of multiple complex residential communities in Middle Tennessee since 1978. Dudley is an innovative and intuitive visionary who has both an engineering degree and an artist’s eye.

Unsatisfied with the status quo, Dudley enjoys the challenge of reshaping communities and assisting in facilitating new environments that inspire the way we live, work and express ourselves. His passion is to facilitate the development of living environments that provide a return on investment well beyond the pocketbook. Prior to co-founding Land Innovations and sister company, CPS Land, he served as vice president of land acquisition, land planning, design and development for Fox Ridge Homes, a Brentwood, Tennessee-based home-building and real estate company from 1985 to 1997. Dudley also worked as an engineer for Cumberland Techtonics, a landscape architecture and planning firm from 1978 to 1985. Today Smith finds his niche identifying land, deal making, team building, and managing infrastructure design and development. A pragmatic, detail-oriented executive with uniquely creative instincts, Smith is able to indulge both his keen intellect and his fertile imagination through Land Innovations ambitious and groundbreaking projects.


Southern Polytechnic State University, BA, Civil Engineering,
University of Tulane – Civil Engineering

Rob Pease


Partner Rob Pease draws on over two decades of experience and expertise in land planning, landscape architectural design, and land development.
He is the managing partner of Land Innovations projects Você and Stephens Valley. In addition, he has been the principal manager of sister company CPS Land’s projects including Annandale, Burkitt Place, and Riverwalk, each of which has ranked in the top-10 among residential projects in the Nashville area over the last several years.

Pease began working at Land Innovations sister company CPS Land since 1998 before helping to co-found Land Innovations in 2010. He also served as Land Planner with the nationally recognized architectural firm of RNM, in Newport Beach, California, Land Development Manager for Zaring Homes, and Project Manager with Nashville-based landscape architecture firm Hawkins Partners.
A natural multi-tasker and creative personality, Pease enjoys the eclectic nature of his job, which requires a keen understanding of the details of development and the ability to envision the big picture. From planning to engineering to permitting to construction and marketing, it sometimes seems like he’s everywhere at once.

“There are so many facets that come together here, and I really like the complexity of it,” he says. “It’s a process of weaving everything together, and then ultimately seeing the built environment. You go back and visit a community, and it’s maturing nicely and people love living there.”

Arizona State University, BS, Urban and Regional Planning, Cum Laude.

Affiliations and Accreditations
Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee board member (2010-2011)
Chairman – Nolensville Planning Commission (1997-2002)

Frank Horton


With 30 years experience as a landscape architect, community developer and all-around problem solver, Land Innovations partner Frank Horton is responsible for the coordination, planning engineering, permitting, marketing and construction of development projects. Horton also assists with finding new community development opportunities.

Horton served as the day-to-day manager of Providence, an 800-acre, mixed-use development that includes 82 acres of commercial uses, 270 acres of business-park land, 3,400 multi-family and single-family lots and 200 acres of open space and recreational facilities.

Frank joined Land Innovations sister company, CPS Land, LLC, in July, 2002 and then co-founded LI in 2010. His previous work history includes 14 years as a landscape architect, land planner, consultant and bank asset manager in Dallas, TX.

When he is not busy with his many jobs at Land Innovations and CPS Land, Frank loves spending time with his family and getting outdoors, whether it’s on a bicycle or on the golf course.


Kansas State University, College of Architecture and Design, Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture.

Affiliations and Accreditations
American Society of Landscape Architects, Member 1980 – 2004
Urban Land Institute, Member 1984 – 1990; 1989 – 2001
Registered Landscape Architect: Kansas, Texas and Tennessee

Lisa Carnes


Lisa Carnes began her professional career in 1988 working alongside Land Innovations and CPS Land Partner Dudley Smith at Fox Ridge Homes. After ten years in homebuilding, she joined the team in 1998.

In her role as Controller, she is responsible for managing cash and bank relations; coordinating the closing of development loans, land, and lots; accounting and financial reporting; coordination of annual audits and tax returns; and payroll and benefits. Carnes also serves as Office Manager, overseeing all human resources, day-to-day management, and administrative staff.

A native of Nashville, Carnes is a wife and mother, very active in women’s ministry at her local church, and enjoys honing her formidable financial skills as a member of a ladies investment group.

“I love the relationships that we have here at Land Innovations,” she says. “We know each other well, we have a history together, and we rely on each other. There’s just a lot of energy and enthusiasm here about building community and building relationships and family within these walls and with the folks we’re fortunate enough to do business with.”

David Horwath


As Land Innovations Sr. Project Manager, David Horwath, Jr. brings over a decade of land development, corporate strategy, and new business start-up experience. Horwath joined Land Innovations in 2016 and oversees the day-to-day management of Stephens Valley.

Prior to joining Land Innovations, Horwath has served in a variety of real estate development roles across the U.S., Canada, and Brazil. He has overseen the development and execution of 12 master planned communities in 6 different states, worked three years in Canada and Brazil on Public-Private Partnerships that ranged from $150M to $1B, and served as VP of Business Development in D.C. where he was responsible for developing and executing $350M in real estate opportunities.

In 2015, he partnered with a local Christian family to launch Katharos Farm, a beyond organic farm focusing on delivering the purest meat in TN by avoiding chemicals and mimicking nature. In his free time, you can find Horwath with his family, teaching a Bible study, traveling, and occasionally on a golf course.

“Land Innovations is a very special place to work. From an infectious culture to an intense focus on developing communities that inspire and organically mature, our work seeks to balance a respect for the past while challenging the “traditional” development thought process. Collectively, this team spends our time, energy, and efforts collaborating on how to connect the seen and typically unnoticed elements. This approach, when we get it right, can not only be observed, but more importantly it is felt.”


– Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
– Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management, Masters in Business Administration, Beta Gamma Sigma Honoree

Affiliations and Accreditations
Professional Civil Engineer, Tennessee – Inactive

Cliff Smith


Cliff Smith, P.E., is a goal-oriented professional with 23 years of progressive experience in real estate development, project management, business operations and contract negotiation. He has a history of producing strong financial results through superior project management, team leadership and implementation of quality processes. Before joining Land Innovations, Cliff served as Senior Vice President of Community Development for another large, Middle Tennessee land developer for 11 years. As a Professional Engineer, he also served as a project engineer and a civil engineer with firms in both Nashville and Memphis.

At Land Innovations, Cliff is responsible for business development and the management of development projects. He especially enjoys the entrepreneurial environment of the company and the ability to work of a wide variety of real estate projects. In his spare time, Cliff enjoys spending time with his family, running, hiking, gardening and grilling.

Christian Brothers University – B.S. in Civil Engineering
University of Memphis – Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Affiliations and Accreditations
Professional Engineer, State of TN

Andrew Ethridge


Andrew Ethridge came to Land Innovations directly upon his graduation from Middle Tennessee State University in 2012. He brings a youthful energy, a healthy curiosity and a lot of fresh ideas to every job he tackles as Project Manager. Prior to landing at Land Innovations, Ethridge spent time in the field getting some hands-on training in landscaping, hardscaping and stonework. That education serves him well both in the office and out in the field as he prospects for new pieces of property and reviews various plans, ensuring that contractors are on budget and on schedule and that homeowners are complying with various requirements, covenants and restrictions. When he’s not at LI, you’ll find Ethridge either spending quality time with his wife and daughter or somewhere in the middle of nowhere enjoying the great outdoors with his camping buddies. “I look at my job here at Land Innovations as being a good, responsible steward of God’s land,” he says. “We are here to create art, beauty and special places which foster relationships, thus in return producing an immeasurable return on investment. I am inspired by the process of evaluating raw land and developing it in a unique way that emphasizes the sacredness of nature. It’s not always about lot yield as much as it is about creating the best community we can within the context of what the land allows. It’s artistically stimulating to look at the big picture and help to organize it in a way that respects those things.”


Middle Tennessee State University Bachelor of Applied Sciences with a concentration in Residential Construction Management and Land Development
NAHB Residential Construction Management Competition
MTSU Team 2011 – 2nd Place
MTSU Team 2012 – 1st Place National Title

Lisa Underwood


Lisa Underwood is a high-energy sales and marketing professional with over 25 years’ experience in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee residential real estate industry. Underwood began her career as the marketing director of a large, Brentwood, TN-based residential home building company working alongside Land Innovations chief manager, Dudley Smith.

Lisa is well-versed in all aspects of new-home and residential development marketing including market research, strategic planning and budgeting, event planning, advertising, media buying, website coordination, social media, brochure development and coordination, press releases and corporate newsletters, signage programming, and public relations. Throughout her career, she has been involved in various aspects of many highly successful new-home communities such as Annandale, Você, Witherspoon, Montclair, Fieldstone Farms, Burkitt Place, Mill Run, Highlands of Brentwood, Villages of Brentwood, and Riverwalk and Providence.


Tennessee Tech University – graduated Summa Cum Laude

Awards and Affiliations:

  • Member of the Institute of Residential Marketing (MIRM) of the National Association. of Home Builders
  • Certified New-Home Sales Professional (CSP) of the National Sales and Marketing Council
  • 3-time recipient of Regional Marketing Director of the Year from the National Sales and Marketing Council of the National Association of Home Builders
  • 10-time member of the Home Builders Association of Middle TN Parade of Homes Committee

Grace Claudy


A relative new-comer to the land development field, Grace Claudy’s organizational skills, creative spirit and desire to learn have already made her a valuable asset to the team. She spent four years at Tractor Supply Company before joining Land Innovations in 2016. As Design Review Committee Coordinator and Project Assistant, Grace fills many roles at LI, including overseeing the DRC process for residential developments, honing her graphic design and map creation skills, as well as helping to manage the day-to-day activities of the office. A native of Atlanta, Grace enjoys exploring all Middle Tennessee has to offer and spending time with her partner Ryan and their dog Blaze.


Tennessee Technological University, Bachelors of Science in History – 2014 Magna Cum Laude

Roane State Community College, Associates of Applied Science in Geographic Information Systems – 2011 Magna Cum Laude


CPS Land – Creating Community

CPS Land, the sister company that birthed Land Innovations, brings a team of experienced professionals with all the passion for turning dreams into reality. All CPS Land communities begin with a well-thought-out plan. Using a hands-on approach, the CPS team works closely with builders, land planners, landscape designers, engineers and architects to achieve the long-term goals of each community. Their master-planning approach emphasizes preserving natural elements of the land and promoting neighborly interaction among residents. Builders and home buyers who select CPS communities enjoy the added confidence that comes from working with a team that brings over 200 years of combined experience to each development.

At CPS Land, the development process is shaped and guided by an abiding commitment to stewardship of the land and environmental protection. CPS communities are designed and built to complement natural surroundings. They go beyond the preservation of the status quo to the actual enhancement of environmental quality. Innovative approaches by CPS have restored wetlands and reduced threats to streams. The company has emerged as a leading advocate and facilitator of Greenway Trails in the region and has donated property for public parks, as well as numerous trails for hiking, biking and walking. The CPS emphasis on open natural areas and outdoor recreation provides residents a sense of freedom and livability that extends beyond the boundaries of an individual home site.

All members of the CPS team call Middle Tennessee “home” and enjoy well-established reputations in the local real estate community, yet they consistently track national development trends and apply the best ideas from other markets to create beautiful, timeless communities.
CPS has a reputation for building some of the finest new-home communities in Middle Tennessee including Witherspoon, Annandale, Avery, and Montclair in Brentwood; Providence in Mt. Juliet; Burkitt Place in Nolensville; Riverwalk on the Harpeth in Bellevue; and The Links and The Reserve at Temple Hills and Franklin Green in Franklin.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary IN 2017, CPS Land has developed over 6,000 lots and continues to seek out the most highly sought-after land and develop the finest new-home communities in Middle Tennessee.

John Sisco


John is the broker of NextHome Integrated Real Estate Services, LLC. The firm provides fully integrated residential/commercial brokerage, real estate development, construction, and consulting services to clients across Middle Tennessee. John utilizes his diverse real estate background to identify opportunities and to better serve the firm’s client’s needs.
John holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Georgia and Master’s in Business Administration from the Massey School at Belmont University. He is also a lifetime member of the Friends of the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Bachelor of Business Administration – University of Georgia (Athens, GA)
Master’s in Business Administration – Belmont University (Nashville, TN)

Williamson County Association of Realtors® (WCAR)
Lifetime Member of the Friends of Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

Wayne E. (Trey) Ripley, III

Since January 2011, Trey Ripley has been the COO for a Nashville family. In that role he is responsible for accounting, financial reporting, managing their real estate portfolio including acquisitions and dispositions, overseeing tax matters and various other activities. He received his masters of business administration from Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science at The University of the South. Trey Ripley spent 5 years with CPS Land assisting with deal structures, financial analysis, contract management and the administration of projects and still consults with CPS Land.